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"Considering embroidery as a vector of enchantment"


Aurelie Lanoiselee


"While the first name of embroiderers was "the painters of the needle", hand embroidery, textile creation, thread, needle are for me, just like painting or writing, tools of expression, a language made up of codes and symbols.


My work since 2003 consists in considering embroidery differently, as a vector of enchantment.

I use the hand, the needle and the Lunéville hook that I combine with different finishing techniques, which allows me to modify the appearance of a textile or sometimes to push experimentation until I obtain a new material. , always related to textiles. I am inspired by the treasures of tradition to rediscover them from a new angle.

I mix the classic technical palette which also embraces a personal manufacture of threads and supplies and by inserting everyday surprises: these materials intended for scrap (metals, plastics, fragments of abandoned objects) are gleaned then re-enchanted by different techniques which reveal them or divert them. Thus born a second time, I seize it to testify, embody and transform their destiny. Ennobled or modeled, they fit into my embroideries making these fragmented traces of life loaded with stories, the precious materials of my creations.

My works are in two or three dimensions. They walk on the border between decorative arts, haute couture, and works of art. Through them, I question the history of costume and its social codes. Subjugated by reliquaries, shrouds and mummies. I question the positioning of jewelry, like a reading grid on the body. I confront the origin of the colors and their implementation and I make the symbols dialogue with unexpected materials.

I like to develop new processes between chemistry and alchemy: creation of primers or dyeing processes based on pigments and natural dyes, developed without chemical solvents.

Aesthetics and creation never stop trying to soften the world by provoking even a moment of reverie (Jean Cocteau)

Embroidery, textile finishing are the energies that drive me and the creative thread that allows me to weave new links every day, reconsidering practices to embroider new collaborations.


Winner of the Talent d'Exception Prize of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation for the Intelligence of the Hand. 2009

Winner of the Crafts and Innovation Prize of the E&Y Foundation. 2011

Winner of the Grand Prize for Creation of the City of Paris. (confirmed craftsmanship). 2011

Homo Faber Guide - Michelangelo Foundation 2021.

Member of the Grands Ateliers de France. 2022


Particular attention is paid to the quality of the materials in the choice of the creative palette. Traceability and strict quality sourcing  (French lace, choice of pearls and stones, high-quality silk fabrics)


Eco conception ! the workshop defends its environmental positioning:

Reinventing textiles in its production methods and in  ways

100% of yarns and textiles will be used, reused or diverted!

For an innovative, ethical and sustainable creation.

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Aurelie Lanoiselee

Zaventem Workshops//Workshop 17

Fabrieksstraat 15, 

Zaventem 1930


©2021 Aurélie Lanoiselée.

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