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Interior design

The know-how is expressed above all through made-to-measure, the fruit of orders from interior designers, visual merchandisers or customers in search of ultimate luxury. Definitely emancipated from the finery of Haute Couture, embroidery invests all the space: from the walls to the ceiling through the furniture.

Custom-made finishing of existing furniture

Like a variation around the tapestry that usually covers armchairs and chairs, embroidery proliferates to interfere at the top and place seats, backs and other armrests.

Upcycled Hybrid Bestiary

- "Family Portrait" series - Embroidered animals, insects, predators. The theme of  the hybridization of living things is issue of scraps and fragments from the animal kingdom worked for the needs of Haute-Couture, hybrid bestiary in 3 dimensions of fantasized chimeras

Tailor-made light

From the work of art made by 6 hands (+Roxane Lahidji+Dim Atelier) to the 18-light chandeliers made for the Palais de Tokyo at the request of Clément Cogitore

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